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Rebelle 7 (5 Course Bundle)

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This bundle contains...

Bundle and save with content for Rebelle 7. You'll get my 5 Star Rated Rebelle 7 Training Course, (3) Landscape Painting courses, an Essential Digital Art Skills course, and a collection of shortcut profiles.


  • (5) Courses with (85) Video Lessons. (High Quality 1440p QHD MP4 + 1080p Versions for Faster Downloading)
  • Written transcripts of each lesson
  • Instructions & Syllabuses
  • (91) Custom Brushes & Content for Rebelle 7
  • Layered Example Artwork, Files & Visual Aids to follow along with
  • Color Gamut Masking Tool for Rebelle

Downloaded videos can be watched any time without an internet connection

* Downloaded videos can be sped up or slowed down with a Media Player such as VLC

* Windows 11 users can enable auto-generated captions for the videos using Live Captions

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  • Rebelle 7 New Features
  • Rebelle Essential Skills
  • Digital Illustration Essential Skills
  • Essential Brush Techniques
  • Landscape Painting Principles
  • How to Paint Mountains, Clouds, Trees and more
  • AND MUCH MORE (See each course description for syllabuses)


  • Windows & Mac (Videos are supported on any device that can play MP4 video. Videos can also be streamed online.)
  • Compatible with Rebelle 7 and later. (Standard and Pro)
  • Mostly compatible with Rebelle 6.
  • Wacom Art Pen is required for the Rotation expression. Pen Tilt can be substituted.
  • Rebelle 7 Training, Oak Mountain, Amazing Landscapes, and Essential Skills recorded in 2024. Glacier Mountain recorded in 2023.

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Combined Course Duration
14 Hours
Video Quality
1440p QHD & 1080p HD
Skill Level
Beginner to Intermediate
Download or stream to desktop or mobile devices
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None - Work at your own pace
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$524.94 $399.95

Rebelle 7 (5 Course Bundle)

0 ratings
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