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How To Paint Amazing Landscapes - Video Course

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Transform your digital landscapes into breathtaking works of art with this video course designed for artists of all levels. This course will guide you through essential principles and techniques to create captivating landscape paintings.


  • Preparation: Discover how to choose reference images, select a subject, and plan your composition effectively, whether using traditional methods or AI-generated images.
  • Composition: Learn the art of arranging elements on the canvas, utilizing shape, space, scale, and perspective to create visually appealing and harmonious compositions.
  • Individual Details: Add depth and realism to your paintings by focusing on form, individuality, randomness, fractals, quantity, and varied brushwork.
  • Global Details: Understand the importance of consistent lighting, contrast, color, and value in creating a cohesive and atmospheric landscape.
  • Distance, Focus, Texture, and Environment: Explore techniques for creating depth, focal points, realistic textures, and immersive environments that bring your landscapes to life.
  • Movement and Lines: Discover how to guide the viewer's eye through your painting using movement and directional lines.


  • Practical Tips and Tricks: Learn from a seasoned professional artist's experience and insights.
  • Real-World Examples: Analyze the instructor's own paintings to understand the principles in action.
  • Universal Principles: Follow along with you preferred art software. You may even use traditional media.
  • Bonus Resources: Access a Color Guide PDF and a universal Color Gamut Masking Tool to enhance your workflow.


  • Landscape Painting Students: Artists who are seeking to create a foundation before taking my more advanced landscape painting courses.
  • Beginner to Experienced Digital Artists: Whether you're just starting or looking to refine your skills, this course will elevate your landscape painting abilities.
  • Artists Seeking Inspiration: Gain new ideas and approaches to landscape painting through a wealth of examples and techniques.
  • Anyone Who Loves Nature: Express your appreciation for the natural world through the art of landscape painting.

Enroll today and embark on a journey to create captivating landscapes that will amaze and impress.


This course is available as "Pay What You Want". There is a minimum price, but you can enter a custom amount. I've done this to make the course more accessible to those on a budget.

This course was a lot of work, so if you are able to, I encourage you to pay more than that to help me continue making resources like this.

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  • Lesson Videos: (1) Video Lesson (High Quality 1440p QHD MP4 + 1080p Versions for Faster Downloading)
  • Video files are downloadable to your computer so you can watch at your own pace*


  • Written transcript of the course with timestamps
  • Instructions
  • Color Gamut Masking Tool
  • Digital Art Color Guide
  • Get support via email

* Downloaded videos can be watched any time without an internet connection

* Downloaded videos can be sped up or slowed down with a Media Player such as VLC

* Windows 11 users can enable auto-generated captions for the videos using Live Captions


  • Windows & Mac (Videos are supported on any device that can play MP4 video. Videos can also be streamed online.)
  • Compatible with most art software, as well as traditional media
  • This course was published in 2024 and was recorded using version Rebelle, Photoshop, Krita and Adobe Firefly
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How To Paint Amazing Landscapes - Video Course

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