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Essential Skills Every Digital Artist Must Know (Video Course)

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Digital art is a vast and complex field that requires a lot of knowledge and skills. From layer management to color selection, there are many aspects to learn. However, finding reliable and relevant information online can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for your specific art software.

That’s why I created this video course, where I demonstrate over 40 of the most useful skills for digital artists. You can access this course anytime and search for the topics you need.

Moreover, this course is designed to be universal and applicable to various art software, such as Krita, Rebelle, Photoshop, Corel Painter and Clip Studio Paint.

This course will not only help you improve your skills with your current art software, but it will also expose you to other software options. As a digital artist, you will benefit from being versatile and adaptable to different software.

By learning the essential skills in this course, you will be ready to take on any digital art challenge and advance to more complex and creative projects.

This course is downloadable and can be watched at your own pace.


This course is available as "Pay What You Want". There is a minimum price, but you can enter a custom amount. I've done this to make the course more accessible to those on a budget.

This course was a lot of work, so if you are able to, I encourage you to pay more than that to help me continue making resources like this.

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  • Lesson Videos: (43) Video Lessons (High Quality 1440p QHD MP4 + 1080p Versions for Faster Downloading)
  • Video files are downloadable to your computer*
  • Videos are packaged into ZIP files for easy downloading. (Videos can also be downloaded individually.)


  • Written transcripts of each lesson
  • Subtitles on each video (Optional)
  • Instructions & Syllabus
  • Layered Example Artwork, Files & Visual Aids to follow along with
  • Get support via email

* Downloaded videos can be watched any time without an internet connection

* Downloaded videos can be sped up or slowed down with a Media Player such as VLC

* Windows 11 users can enable auto-generated captions for the videos using Live Captions


  • Digital Illustration Essential Skills
  • Essential Brush Techniques
  • How to Edit Brush Properties
  • How to Choose Color
  • How to Work with Layers
  • How to Use Universal Tools like Selections, Guides & Crop
  • How to Use Drawing Tablet Expressions like Pressure and Tilt
  • File Management & Organization
  • AND MUCH MORE (See Syllabus for topics covered)


  • Windows & Mac (Videos are supported on any device that can play MP4 video. Videos can also be streamed online.)
  • Compatible with most popular art applications such as Krita, Rebelle, Photoshop, Corel Painter, Clip Studio Paint and more.
  • Mostly compatible with Mobile Art Apps as well.
  • This course was released in 2024.

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Essential Skills Every Digital Artist Must Know (Video Course)

5 ratings
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