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Secrets to a Successful Patreon (Video Course)

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Are you thinking of starting Patreon? Perhaps you are already active on Patreon but you don’t have any Patrons. Or maybe you are an established creator who simply wants to learn how to optimize the experience for both you and your Patrons.

If any of those sound like you, then take a moment to learn about this course.

Setting up a successful Patreon isn’t quick or easy, there’s a lot to consider and plan for. And building your page and benefits takes a lot of work too. Where do you even start?

I created this course to give you a shortcut to becoming a successful creator. The Creator Economy is still fairly new, so I know how difficult it can be to find information about being a creator.

I break down just about everything there is to know about Patreon into step-by-step directions so that you don’t overlook anything. 

This course is full of advice, anecdotes and experiences that can help you get on the right track and avoid making the same mistakes I did when I started out.

I’ll share some of the pitfalls that happen from time to time while managing Memberships. I’ll also explain what’s worked well for me on Patreon. I’ll teach you how I avoid burnout, how I streamline my benefit fulfillment process, and how I tackle growth (or sometimes a lack thereof).

Most importantly, I will be honest and straightforward about what it takes to be a creator on Patreon. The reality is that being a content creator has its ups and downs.

I’ll also include some of the other non-Patreon skills you’ll need to build and manage a Membership page.

I’ve been making money on Patreon since 2014 and I have made over $125,000, plus a large share of $300,000 in sales from other products I offer to my Patrons. I am also an official Patreon Ambassador.

While I can’t guarantee you’ll have success on Patreon, I can at least provide you with some tools to get there. 



  • An online following (Social Media, email list, etc.)
  • A Patreon creator account


  • Is Patreon Right for You?
  • How to Prepare for Patreon
  • How to Set Up a Patreon Page
  • How to Create Tiers & Benefits
  • How to Post Content
  • How to Organize Your Content
  • How to Launch Your Patreon
  • How to Promote Your Patreon
  • How to Get Your First Patrons
  • How to Reduce Patron Turnover
  • How to Get Paid
  • How to Secure Your Account
  • How to Optimize Your Patreon
  • How to Get More Patrons
  • How to Care for Yourself as a Creator
  • And much more...

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Secrets to a Successful Patreon (Video Course)

2 ratings
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