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Corel Painter for Beginners (2016-2018) - Downloadable Training Course Bundle

Aaron Rutten
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Learn the essential skills required to master Corel Painter versions 2016-2018 in a video training course by Corel Painter Master Elite, Aaron Rutten. A combined total of 900+ copies of this course bundle have been purchased worldwide!

Aaron guides you through all of the important tools and features of Corel Painter while teaching you many of the digital painting tricks and techniques he has learned throughout his career. In addition to discovering Painter's essential content and features, you'll also learn essential illustration skills that you can use to create art like a pro. This course is suitable for beginners and intermediate Painter users who want a comprehensive guide through Painter's content and features. After this course, you'll be more confident using Painter's interface and tools.

This is a video training course that you can download to your computer and watch any time.

Course Outline & Syllabus (See module links below for Painter 2017 & 2018 syllabuses, previews and descriptions)

Course Trailer Video | Course Preview Video


  • Painter 2016 Course (4.5 Hours)
  • Painter 2017 New Features Module (70 minutes)
  • Painter 2018 New Features Module (80 minutes)

  • PDF Files: Instructions, Introduction, Optimizing Your Computer For Corel Painter, Workspace Install Guide
  • Corel Painter 2018/2017/2016 Workspaces with Custom Brushes (PWS File)
  • BOX Files - Custom palettes with brushes and shortcuts used in the lesson
  • How To Make Image Hose Nozzles (Video)

  • Best File Formats For Digital Art (Video)

  • Color Guide (PDF)

  • Optimizing Your Computer For Corel Painter (PDF)

Video files are downloadable to your computer*

Videos are packaged into ZIP files for easy downloading

*Downloaded videos can be watched any time without an internet connection.

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  • Corel Painter 2016, 2017, 2018 New Features
  • Corel Painter Fundamental Skills
  • Digital Illustration Essential Skills
  • Essential Brush Techniques
  • How To Choose Correct Canvas Dimensions & Resolution
  • How To Navigate The Corel Painter Interface
  • How To Customize Your Wacom Tablet For Corel Painter
  • How To Use Brushes
  • How To Use A Tablet
  • How To Choose Color
  • How To Calibrate Your Pen & Brushes
  • How To Make Custom Brushes
  • How To Create Custom Palettes
  • How To Draw With Symmetry
  • How To Use Perspective Guides To Draw In Perspective
  • How To Customize The Painter Interface
  • How To Make A Custom Workspace
  • How To Use & Create Keyboard Shortcuts
  • How To Manage Color Profiles
  • How To Use Layers
  • How To Blend Color
  • How To Create Custom Papers & Flow Maps
  • How To Make Brushstrokes Smoother
  • How To Use A Reference Image
  • How To Make Custom Brush Icons
  • How To Capture Dabs
  • How To Use Audio Expression & Audio Brushes
  • How To Create A Color Palette From An Image
  • How To Use Particle Brushes
  • How To Use Dynamic Speckle Brushes
  • How To Use Liquid Ink & Watercolor Brushes
  • How To Use Composite Methods
  • How To Use Dynamic Layers
  • How To Use Effects
  • How To Correct Color & Lighting
  • How To Add Canvas Texture
  • How To Add Impasto
  • How To Create Realistic 3D Shading
  • How To Use The Vector Shape Tools
  • How To Use Rulers & Guides
  • How To Tint/Glaze
  • Masking Essentials
  • Cloning Basics


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Course Duration
4.5 Hours (23 Videos)
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Painter 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, X3 & Later - Windows & Mac
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Corel Painter for Beginners (2016-2018) - Downloadable Training Course Bundle

9 ratings
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