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Digital Art Color Guide [PDF]

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This guide includes 8 full-page diagrams with descriptions of how to precisely choose colors using the Color Picker in digital art applications. While the emphasis is on Color Pickers that use an HSV Hue Ring and Saturation/Value Triangle, many of the principles can be applied to other Color Picker configurations as well.

Hue Ring Guide (4 Images)
The Hue Ring contains a color wheel which can be used to identify complimentary colors. These diagrams show the basic anatomy of the hue ring and provide tips on how to choose color. You'll also learn about the differences between computer color and traditional paint color.

Saturation & Value Triangle Guide (4 Images)
The color triangle controls the saturation and value of a color and can be divided into regions to make it easier to choose color precisely and intentionally. The first diagram shows the regions of light, dark and midtones. In the next diagram, the areas of highlights and shadows are isolated. In the third example, the triangle shows a Saturation Curve to help with three-dimensional shading. The final diagram is a composite showing all 3 charts with added descriptions of where to find certain kinds of color in the triangle.

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Digital Art Color Guide [PDF]

6 ratings
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