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Color Gamut Masking Tool for Digital Artists

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Color Gamut Masking is a great way to enhance your digital or traditional art. You can do this in several ways: By adding a certain mood or atmosphere to your digital or traditional art, or through simplifying the color selection process by limiting your palette. Gamut Masking can also help you to create augmented color schemes while keeping your colors in harmony. The only problem is that most art applications do not offer a Gamut Masking Tool.

I have put together this free Universal Color Gamut Masking Tool that can be used with any art software that supports layered PSD files with masks. That includes Photoshop, Corel Painter, Rebelle and more. You can even print this tool for use in traditional painting if you like.

Here's a tutorial that demonstrates how to use the tool.

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Universal PSD, Painter RIFF, Rebelle REB, Printable PDF
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Windows PC, Mac and any OS that supports layered PSD files
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Photoshop, Painter, Rebelle, Krita and any app that supports layered PSD files with masks
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Color Gamut Masking Tool for Digital Artists

23 ratings
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