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Frozen Winter Stream - Corel Painter Landscape Course

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Learn how to paint a Winter scene with an icy stream that cuts through a field of dry, frost-covered grass surrounded by trees.


What's unique about this course is that you'll be choosing colors from a Color Gamut Mask and painting with a variety of new semi-impressionistic techniques.

This course features 2 hours of lessons that you can download to your computer and watch any time. There is no time limit to complete this course and you can work at your own pace.

Course Outline & Syllabus

Course Trailer

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  • Lesson Videos: (8) Video Lessons (High Quality 1440p QHD MP4 + 1080p Versions for Faster Downloading)
  • Video files are downloadable to your computer*
  • Videos are packaged into ZIP files for easy downloading. (Videos can also be downloaded individually.)


  • Written Transcript of the course
  • Optional Video Lessons with Captions
  • Corel Painter 2022 Workspace with Custom Brushes (PWS File)
  • BOX Files - Custom palettes with brushes and shortcuts used in the lesson
  • Layered Example Artwork
  • Real Time Painting Process Video (4.5 Hours)
  • Full-Size Reference Images
  • Pre-Sketched Layered Template
  • Color Gamut Masking Tool

* Downloaded videos can be watched any time without an internet connection

* Downloaded videos can be sped up or slowed down with a Media Player such as VLC


  • Corel Painter 2022 New Features
  • Landscape Painting Essential Skills
  • Advanced Painting Techniques
  • OPTIONAL: How to Enlarge Artwork with A.I. (Adobe Creative Cloud or Rebelle 5 Pro required.)
  • OPTIONAL: How to Use A.I. to Suggested Details for Your Artwork (Photoshop CC 2022 required.)
  • AND MUCH MORE (See Syllabus for topics covered)


  • Windows & Mac (Videos are supported on any device that can play MP4 video. Videos can also be streamed online.)
  • This course is 100% compatible with Painter 2022 or later.
  • This course is partially compatible with older versions of Painter. While some of the brushes I work with cannot be used with versions of Painter that are older than 2022, many will be compatible.

    Brushes will be provided as BOX Files which you can import into Painter 2016 and later, and individual brush files that can be installed manually.

    I do not guarantee brush compatibility with versions that are older than Painter 2022.

    Worst case scenario, you will need to find alternative brushes to use at times.
  • This course is not compatible with “Corel Painter Essentials”.
  • The Wacom Art Pen is used a few times throughout this course. At the very least, you will need a pen that supports Tilt.
  • This course was published in 2022 and was recorded using version 2022 of Corel Painter.

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Course Duration
2 Hours
Video Quality
1440p QHD & 1080p HD
Skill Level
Painter 2022 Training Course, Landscape Fundamentals Course (Suggested)
Download or stream to desktop or mobile devices
Time Limit
None - Work at your own pace
Course Format
Yes (Burned In) + Written Transcript
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Frozen Winter Stream - Corel Painter Landscape Course

0 ratings
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