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Monthly Artwork Dedicated to You

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You'll get one newly-created piece of art dedicated to you each month for as long as you are subscribed.

  • This is not a commission. If you like, you can suggest a theme for the work, but I reserve the right to choose the subject and medium.
  • Art will be completed and delivered to you no later than 30 days after your subscription date.

You'll also get:

  • A limited edition (1 of 1) signed copy of the completed art in high-resolution, delivered to you via email.
    If you prefer a physical print on paper, that can be arranged as well, depending on your location.
  • Regular image updates of my progress.
  • Exclusive access to a live painting session via livestream where you can watch me paint and ask me questions.
  • Early access to my process video which you will receive a production credit in.

Who is this subscription for?

  • You are are familiar with my work and you want a unique opportunity to be my muse.
  • You want to see me make more art.
  • You value and want to support the work I do so that I can continue to create resources for the digital art community.

Why am I offering this?

How digital artists make a living is constantly evolving. Attention spans are getting shorter, ad revenue only benefits brands, and there are only so many products I can create.

To thrive, we need new methods of building Artist/Patron relationships. Classical artists often had Patrons who supported their work and modern artists can too.

I've had to restrain my creativity to be more easily discovered by algorithms. All of this commercialism his has stolen my focus away from making art for the sake of art.

Why $2,000 a Month?

The art I create will be detailed, not just a quick doodle. I will dedicate a lot of time to each piece. See examples of my work here.

If you want to support me annually, you can save $2,000 and get one month of art for free.

You can also subscribe for just one month, then cancel if you only want to participate for a limited time.

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No refunds, unless I am unable to deliver artwork.

In the event that I am unable to create art, you'll be refunded for that month.

Last updated Oct 12, 2023

(1) Piece of art dedicated to you each month, plus benefits listed in the description.

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$2,000 a month

Monthly Artwork Dedicated to You

0 ratings
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